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Company Overview

It’s my pleasure to Introduce to you BBC Pty (Ltd). Our company is Located in Johannesburg, south Africa. We focus on Engineering, Power Generation and Transmission, Procurement, Construction, Engineering Consultancy & ICT Solution.

We are a full service electrical and energy company offering a range of turnkey and specialist electrical contracting work both nationally and internationally. Our company also positioned itself in new  market segments by specializing in technologies such as renewable energy and energy efficiency.


To be the most reliable supplier of intelligent network energy, creating value for customers, employees, shareholders and society.


Provide high availability of intelligent network energy solutions to meet the high quality of human energy demand.

Business Philosophy

We Create and nurture positive employee and customer relationships. Technical philosophy: market-oriented, technology-driven.

Our Services

The company serves its customers at every project phase, from strategy formulation through design, project management and implementation right through to support and upgrades. We are committed to best practices and professional integrity to ensure we deliver quality. Customer satisfaction drives every aspect of their commercial contractor business. These time-honoured qualities are incorporated into every project built by us. BBC Pty (Ltd) offers the following services:

Global perspective To provide unlimited value to global customers

PV Inverter Industry

Rapid economic development intensified the rapid consumption of fossil energy, mainly including petroleum, natural gas and coal, energy crisis is causing concerns day by day and becomes a common topic for various countries in the world. At the same time, environmental problem caused thereby is becoming more obvious day by day.

 As one of clean energy, solar photovoltaic power generation has its unique advantage compared to common new energy such as biomass energy, hydropower and wind energy. Solar energy resource is one of most abundant renewable energy sources. It is internationally recognized as the ideal alternative energy since it is renewable and widely distributed and will not pollute the environment.




    Being an Project Exports Company, we provide sustainable solutions for Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Sub-station and Rural Electrification on turnkey basis.

    We have the capability for turnkey execution of Conventional and Non-Conventional Power generation plants viz. Solar, Hydro, Thermal, Diesel. We see it as our mission to help our customers use electrical power effectively. Our automated Process Solutions, developed and customized for both existing and new process plants, have ensured considerable power savings.

    BBC Pty (Ltd) executes Transmission Lines, Substations, and Low & Medium voltage Distribution Systems. Our scope of work extends from Designing, Engineering and Construction, Erection and Commissioning. Our services also include supply of items such as substation equipment, designed-tested-fabricated galvanized towers, conductors, insulators and hardware accessories.

    BBC Pty (Ltd) is also a leading supplier of power equipment and integrated solutions like GIS, SCADA, AMR, and DMS for the power transmission and distribution sectors.

    To ensure that our supplied technology and products are user friendly, we impart comprehensive training & focus on developing skills & knowledge of the users.

    Solar power generation plants

    Transmission lines

    Substations & Distribution systems



    BBC Pty (Ltd) is a professional consulting engineering company offering specialist electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering services to a multitude of clients.

    By using modern computerised modelling techniques and computer-aided design packages cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions are provided in accordance with various national and international standards

    BBC Pty (Ltd)  provides extensive electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering knowledge and experience

    Clients in every region of the world turn to BBC Pty (Ltd) to solve their toughest engineering challenges:

    From initial site studies, to design, to construction and commissioning, we stand by our clients as technical experts throughout the development cycle.

    • Power factor correction
    • HV substation designs
    • Cable feeder systems designs
    • Township electrical reticulation
    • Emergency power installations
    • Pump stations and telemetry systems
    • Renewable energy projects
    • Railway infrastructure
    • Rural Electrification

      Supplies the Electrical Industry from Public to Commercial

      Specialised Electric Supplier

      BBC Pty (Ltd) Trading is a certified company that strives to provide a customer-orientated service and is dedicated to providing our clients with an above par delivery service. Our customer is assured of quality products incorporating the very latest technology and quality assurance standards. We will attempt to procure any product within the industrial wholesale market that you are unable to locate.

      BBC Pty (Ltd) provides premium electrical equipment and supplies such as specialised electrical network equipment and solar equipment

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      integrity and trust

      BBC's global service network

      Services to the global

      12 overseas district service centers

      More than 40 overseas engineers

      7*24 hours corresponding service

      In line with the service concept of “Customer-Oriented, Providing Better Service Experience and Value for Customers”, BBC (Pty)Ltd overseas service department strives to provide concentrative, patient, elaborate, careful and diligent service experience for customers and provider better value for customers with the purpose of profession, concentration and high efficiency。

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      Batcho & Business Compagny is a South African company, Confident of the experiences of the director and engineers quite qualified and experienced, we guarantee you a professional service of very high quality at an exceptional price. Do not hesitate to contact us to study all your Energy and Solar projects.

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      If you are a young executive in the energy field or any other related field, you would like to join an internationally leading company in the field of Energy & Solar, send us your CV with a job application. Our recruiting team will study it carefully and will respond within two weeks of your request.

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