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Company Overview

For more than 20-year experience, KSTAR the main partner of BBC (Pty) Ltd for Africa has not only become a flagship enterprise in UPS industry, but also has transformed into one of technology-wised leading enterprises in energy provider, such as PV Inverter, EV charger, etc…
Current product lines include line-interactive 400VA to 3000VA, online tower from 1KVA up to 200KVA, online convertible from 1KVA up to 10KVA and three phase decentralized UPS from 6KVA up to 520KVA per frame as well as industrial-grade UPS from 10KVA up to 800KVA. The latest & remarkable innovation is the decentralized parallel modular UPS system from 6KVA up to 520KVA per frame, which is one of smallest foot-print systems in the world.
To contribute ourselves as part of Earth, BBC (Pty) Ltd is also penetrated on developing a series of renewable energy products started from Photovoltaic Inverters from 2009. We currently offer a series of on-grid PV inverters from roof-top solution— single phase 1.5KW up to 5KW, to medium-size power plant—3 phase 10KW up to 50KW and large-size power plant– three phase 50KW up to 1260KW and also extend product lines to other solar products, such off-grid hybrid interactive inverters, solar charger as well as wind & fuel cell inverters in order to aim our goal of “Helping to realize the green energy dream the mankind”.


To be the most reliable supplier of intelligent network energy, creating value for customers, employees, shareholders and society.


Provide high availability of intelligent network energy solutions to meet the high quality of human energy demand.

Business Philosophy

Market concept: excellence, customer first Technical philosophy: market-oriented, technology-driven Technical philosophy: market-oriented, technology-driven Product concept: quality is the basis

Global perspective To provide unlimited value to global customers

PV Inverter Industry

Rapid economic development intensified the rapid consumption of fossil energy, mainly including petroleum, natural gas and coal, energy crisis is causing concerns day by day and becomes a common topic for various countries in the world. At the same time, environmental problem caused thereby is becoming more obvious day by day.

 As one of clean energy, solar photovoltaic power generation has its unique advantage compared to common new energy such as biomass energy, hydropower and wind energy. Solar energy resource is one of most abundant renewable energy sources. It is internationally recognized as the ideal alternative energy since it is renewable and widely distributed and will not pollute the environment.


Data Center Industry

Data Center Industry Solutions

In an era of rapid development of information industry, increasing data influence has been involved in all respects in various industries such as finance, communication, government and enterprise, and data center construction therefore becomes urgent. Data center construction will be an essential and important part in the future and the research emphasis for future development.

Development Trend
Green energy saving
The leap of the scale of data center led to dramatic increase of operation costs, of which the electric power cost is one of the main factors. How to improve power utilization efficiency (reduce PUE) has become a big problem for data centers. 
Rapid deployment and expansion
With respect to the construction of data centers, modularization concept has gradually been accepted by the public and certainly become the application trend. Modular data center allows prefabrication so as to significantly shorten the construction period.  
Security and Intelligence
In consideration of operation and maintenance manpower cost, data center manufacturer has introduced the automatic operation and maintenance of data centers, enhance the operation and maintenance efficiency and improve customer experience. Security isn’t just about safety measures such as firewall, IPS/IDS, intrusion detection and antivirus, it also includes countermeasures of data centers for fire, earthquake and other disasters. 

  • Integrated Solution of Micro-Module Data Center

Solar Energy Services

PV Inverter Industry

BBC (Pty) Ltd can provide a solution to generate your own electricity that can power your own home. The installation capacity of this PV System ranges from 1kW to 5kW, and connected to the 220Vac public grid.

Characteristics and Advantages
 ● 1kW~5kW system for residential rooftop application to power your own home.
 ● Low noise so that system can be in peace and harmony with the household.
 ● Small size and easy installation, friendly system and easy operation.
 ● Real-time monitoring from APP or Website through GPRS or WiFi.

Provide a comprehensive solution for intelligent network energy with high availability Meet the high quality of human energy demand. Residential PV Solution Commercial PV Solution Utility PV Solution


BBC (Pty)Ltd is one of qualified battery manufacturers in Guangdong, China. The product range covers a series of sealed lead acid battery and GEL battery from 1.2AH up to 2000AH. You are free to call for any customized battery.

Precision Cooling

BBC (Pty)Ltd provides a series of professional Precision Cooling conditioner from 5KW up to 150KW for small to large data processing room.. “A computer and data processing room unitary air conditioner consisting of one or more factory made assemblies, which include a direct expansion evaporator or chilled water cooling coil, an air-moving device, and air-filtering devices. ……The functions of a CDPR air conditioner, either alone or in combination with a cooling and heating plant, are to provide air filtration, circulation,cooling, reheating, and humidity control.”

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Batcho & Business Company (Pty) Ltd, (BBC)  ranked as mainland South Africa’s top power supply maker from 2008   in domestic and overseas.

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